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Celebrate Season Two!


If you’re a subscriber or follow and keep up on your issue of the magazine you will know that we are on fire! Yes this has been on heck of a year and a exhausting one as well. We did some 16 show across the country, did special events, Celebrated our first year in business in Louisville in March, Showed of Optimus and friends for the new Transformer 4 movie, sponsored the Shell Super Rigs event in Concord, NC., and shared in the 50thanniversary of Iowa 80 Walcott truck jamboree. Now how do I say thanks for all that . . . hmmm?

Well here you have it, you shout it out loud “THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BELIEVING IN EEW MAGAZINE!” We have put a lot of love into this publication with the trucking world the focus of every issue. Our goal is not to bring a lot of drama and politic to the arena but the love of trucks and trucking. If you want a lot of bad news and issues within the industry, turn on your local television station and get all you need.

Right here you have to prepare yourself for an explosion of fine rides, cool companies, awesome driver and owner that make me and a host of other drools over the chrome and shine on every Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Volvo, Mack, and their trailers.

What to expect, well all I can say is “HOLD ON TO YOUR HEAD FRED”, folks it about to get windy up in here! Look for bigger big rigs, shiner chrome, and lots of custom paint and attitude. This season is going to knock your sock down into your shoes. Just you wait and see.